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North Carolina Slave Code

Posted by nrohr on November 11, 2008

North Carolina Slave Code (1830)

North Carolina General Assembly

The master may determine the kind, and degree, and time of labour to which the slave shall be subjected.

The master may supply the slave with such food and clothing only, both as to quantity and quality, as he may think proper or find convenient.

The master may, at his discretion, inflict any punishment upon the person of his slave.

All the power of the master over his slave may be exercised not by himself only in person, but by any one whom he may assign as his agent.

Slaves have no legal rights of property in things, real or personal; but whatever they may acquire belongs, in point of law, to their master.

The slave, being a personal chattel, is at all times liable to be sold absolutely, or mortgaged or leased, at the will of his master.

He may also be sold by processes of law for the satisfaction of the debts of a living or the debts and bequests of a deceased master, at the suit of creditors or legatees.

A slave cannot be a party before a judicial tribunal, in any species of action against his master, no matter how atrocious may have been the injury received from him.

Slaves cannot redeem themselves, nor obtain a change of masters, though cruel treatment may have rendered such change necessary for their personal safety.

Slaves being objects of property, if injured by third persons, their owners may bring suit, and recover damages, for the injury.

Slaves can make no contract.

Slavery is hereditary and perpetual.


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