RCC Honors History Project

Post for Mark Twain on tje Railroad

Posted by rcchonorshistoy on November 26, 2008

Isn’t it interesting how Mark Twain shows such awe towards the railroad?  He describes the dinner on the train and the arrangement of the dinning experience as a “revelation to us.”  He further goes on to compliment other aspects of the ride like how fast the trip was.  I wonder what Twain would have thought about the train experience of today, especially after all the metrolink accidents. It is interesting how much American’s opinions have changed over time.  Today trains travel so fast that the old versions would have been considered slow.  Also, the train experience has changed, since the train ride has switched from a fascinating journey to the common daily commute.  I think that we take for grant many things that are actually very important to Americans.  I wonder what future generations will take for granite that Americans today hold in such high esteem.


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