RCC Honors History Project

Happy Ending

Posted by ookpo on December 30, 2008

As I was reading all the books for class and listening to and reading the discusions, I began to wonder what would have happened if Lincoln never issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The first and long lasting reason British colonists used to justify their brutality to slaves were based on human rights they claimed were bestowed on them by God. Along the way however, all the other nations who held slaves had freed them and incorporated the freed slaves into their society. Religion could only carry the colonists so far before new interpretations condemning them begin to surface.

Religious reasons would soon have failed because the slaves were becoming more aware since they were learning to read and write. Also, other nations would have begun to heavily criticize American and might even stop trading with the US. When that happened, the US would have been forced to come to a compromise and it would not have ended peacefully. It might have been worse then the Civil War. In all, my point is that Lincoln’s political decision to abolish slavery was a peaceful route compared to what might have been if America continued in slavery and had to stop when it was buried under pressure by the world.


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