RCC Honors History Project

history and are place in it.

Posted by rcchonorshistoy on December 30, 2008

Taking the finals and rushing to study and finish projects has really got me thinking about the many lessons we have learned this year. When I look back at American history I see mostly what people have accomplished in their lives that either negatively or possitevely affect Americans today. I understand that the finals and the lessons we have learned this year will prepare us in the future to help overcome much of the future obstacles we may have, but when studying for these finals and prepareing for classes that will be comeing up, it is important for us to not just learn to pass the test but to learn so that we dont make the same mistakes our forefathers made. This is a major part of studying history I have found this year. When we look at many of the ottrocities Americans have commited like slavery and wrongful possession of land from the Indians, it is clear that the most important way America heals itself and works for a better tomarrow today is through a disspersment of knowledge of the events so we can change for the future. My goal for this upcoming year is to teach someone something about history they didnt know so that they to may learn from the past.


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