RCC Honors History Project

Jacksonian, Jeffersonian, Open Door Policy? So many to choose from.

Posted by mcelynrh on December 30, 2008

Our president elect, Barack Obama, perceptibly has many plans for our nation. Recently in Manifest Destiny we have read about Jacksonians and Jeffersonians and various policies presidents have used to run the country. Oabama will have a plethora of advisers on hand to counsel and give opinions on what he should do as president, but past presidents can be of help (?) too.

What do you think previous presidents have to say about how Obama should run the country, especially concerning the ruts our country is in and our current economical state? Basically, what kind of advice do you think they would give him to better America? Would they attempt to offer similar policies they enacted or do you think they will propose different ways to handle things?


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