RCC Honors History Project

Opposing the Annexation of Hawaii

Posted by footballfan08 on December 30, 2008


All the way at the end of the page there is two documents each a petition against the annexation of Hawaii. I had no idea that there were two seperate petitions going, one for the men and one for the women. I thought that was really unnecessary, I know that back then women were still just the stay at home wives, but honestly for them to have to have their own petition. If it really was important I would figure that the men would be happy to have more signatures on the petition and not just think that a women should not sign their petition. Since the men did not want the women to be apart of that I was happy the women started their own petition because it shows that they would not take no for an answer when they really believed in opposing the annexation. Every time I see this kind of discrimination, it makes me very angry and am glad that the country is not like that any more today.

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