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Posted by meluleki on December 30, 2008

when I read this message by the former Pressident of the United States of America Grover Cleveland, i immediately thought of the first landing thats talked about in, “Pocahontas and the Pohatan Dilema”, the British wanted to appear innocent but they knew that they had a mission to settle , regardless of what the Indians thought.” In the case of Hawaii, unfortunately it was already part of the Destiny as suggested by the President that ‘I suppose that right and justice should determine the path to be followed in treating this subject. If national honesty is to be disregarded and a desire for territorial extension, or dissatisfaction with a form of government not our own, ought to regulate our conduct, I have entirely misapprehended the mission and character of our Government and the behavior which the conscience of our people demands of their public servants.”The queen had no choice but to give in as the United States had already deployed troops in the island as a sign of power and intimidation against any form of resistence. The battle was won before it even started , the Queen of Hawaii was a victim of a planned mission . The President denounced millitary deployment and pretened as if he did not know about it, yet the first thing he did was to demand amnesty for those who carrried out the mission, ” The conditions suggested, as the instructions show, contemplate a general amnesty to those concerned insetting up the provisional government and a recognition of all its bona fide acts and obligations. In short, they require that the past should be buried, and that the restored Government should reassume its authority as if its continuity had not been interrupted.”Already the U.S President is seen to be taking charge and telling the Queen of Hawaii what had to be done. There is not much of an apology or signs of withdrawal , but the emphasis is on pretending as if nothing happened and ignoring the fact that the take over had just begun. This stlye of invading is very effective because it leaves the victim without a choice but to take directives from higher authority, which in this case is the President of the United States of America Grover Cleveland. Similarly the current President George Bush was dodging shoes last yesterday in Iraq because of issues related to the subject of invasion. Iraqis feel like their country is being run by America and their people are not treated with respect and dignity. Its just an observation, i think there is some sort of similarities partaining to these two situations.

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