RCC Honors History Project

Treaty of cession March 1867

Posted by meluleki on December 30, 2008

The treaty of cession which was signed on March 1867 between the emperor of All Russians and the United States of America is really an example of how powerfuful nations dominate the world. The natives are being refered to as uncivilzed tribes. Typically the former russian colonies were sold for only 7 million dollars inluding the inhabitants. I do not understand why a country should put on sale without the consent of the natives. Firstly the Russians invaded the territories and settled in a land that was not theirs, build structure s like forts , roads Government offices e.t.c at the expense of the natives whom they called uncivilized. What justified them being the rightful owners of the land to the extent that they believed the territories were worth only 7 million dollars. It is sad but true that poweful nations aquired worlth by either looting or selling land and people to further thier personal interests. The treaty of cession is a legal document signed by two powerful nations who both have their own interests in the territories. These deals further explain why America is such a huge and largely diverse country. All of us have learnt from the mistakes of the past that humans ought to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their race , ethnicity e.t.c.

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