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Treaty of peace between the United States and Spain

Posted by meluleki on December 30, 2008

1898 was also a good year for American expansion, Finally Spain could not stand the heat and decided to evacuate the territories in December 1898. “Spain will, upon the exchange of the ratifications of the present treaty, proceed to evacuate the Philippines, as well as the island of Guam, on terms similar to those agreed upon by the Commissioners appointed to arrange for the evacuation of Porto Rico and other islands in the West Indies, under the Protocol of August 12, 1898, which is to continue in force until its provisions are completely executed.” It is sad that former president William McKinley was in support of the idea of invading the islands that were formerly occupied by the Spanish. This treaty of 1898 shows how powerless and desperate the Spanish were. Despite their efforts of letting former President Mckinley know that they were willing to, “settle preponderantly on his terms” he ignored the Spanish and left it up to congress to decide. I strongly believe that the President had a mission to accomplish and he wanted to prove millitarily that America had the capabilities of aquiring as much land as they pleased without objections. America had a destiny then, and the Spanish were very unfortunate to be viewed as an obstacle which resulted in a war. Though the Spanish lost the war, they were compensated by the American government because the territories they occupied were part of the American destiny. The most important thing is that peace was made and human lives were saved , which is good for democracy. People still have differences but we live together ,and we talk about our history as a way of bridging the cultural divides that exist within us. Whaever differences our forefathers had, its up to us to realize their mistakes and create our own destinies.

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