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Pure Equality…Is It Possible?

Posted by mcelynrh on March 10, 2009

The Native Americans (the Cherokee in particular) have encompassed gender equality more rapidly than any group as a whole in our nation, as we see through Wilma Mankiller’s autobiography and the status she acquired on her own. Equality is something America does not cherish, except for our forefathers’ belief of “all men [being] created equal.”

We have come a long way, in regards to equality. After all we have recently just elected a “black” president and before that a “woman” was a potential candidate for president of a major political party.

Before reading Mankiller I had no idea of who Wilma Mankiller. If more people knew about Mankiller’s before/during the 2008 campaign do you think Hillary Clinton would have been a front runner? Do you think if more people hear/read Mankiller’s life story before the next major election, a woman will take the seat of president? Or do you think that our nation’s biases will still prevail?


One Response to “Pure Equality…Is It Possible?”

  1. dmcneal347 said

    well, for one i dont think Hilary Clinton lost the presidency becuase she is a woman. I think the democratic party chose Obama to run becuase he is a great speaker and he has grown up middle class, so he can relate to the lower classes in america. I would have thought it more likely that a woman would have won the presidential office before a black man. But america has proven me wrong, so you never know. I think that even though there is still racism and sexism, I dont think its enough to stop a different race or a woman from being the president. there is enough of each minority now that it realy doesnt make a difference. I dont think that Wilma Mankiller’s story would have changed peoples view on Hillary Clinton. Maybe instead they would want Wilma Mankillere to run for presidency since she is already an Indian chief and a strong leader.

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