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1886 NY Times: anarchists attempt to disrupt meeting of anti-anarchical Bohemians, are chased off by police.

Posted by chad612 on March 15, 2009



One Response to “1886 NY Times: anarchists attempt to disrupt meeting of anti-anarchical Bohemians, are chased off by police.”

  1. chad612 said

    Further related links to people referred to in the main article:
    from NY Times, from 1885 (one year before the main article), refers to Justus Schwab as a “socialist”, relates his trial for violence against police, including Captain McCullagh.

    from NY Times, 1900. An obituary for Schwab refers to him as an “Anarchist”.

    from NY Times, 1899 (13 years after main article). Former tobacco business man, anarchist, defends his sanity.

    from NY Times, 1897 (11 years after main article). Favorable character and career overview on McCullagh, on the occasion of his becoming Police Chief.

    from NY Times, 1887 (1 year after main article). Concerning two of German Johann Most’s public speeches, three months apart. The reporter of the first apparently thinks him a laughable crank, while the second considers him a serious threat.

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