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Relief Organizations did their best?

Posted by dmcneal347 on March 18, 2009

Many relief Organizations tried to cope with the tremendous growth of the urban poor. Of them included The Children’s Aid Society, The YMCA, The YWCA, The Salvation Army, The New York Charity Organization, The Social Gospel Movement, And the Settlement-House movement. Do you think that these organizations did enough or should/could they have done better?


2 Responses to “Relief Organizations did their best?”

  1. nrohr said

    I think that they did a lot of good, a lot of good, but they could have done better–you can almost always do better. As caring citizens who did what they could with what they had, their actions should be gratefully acknowledged. But obviously, the help they provided did not, and still does not, meet the great need of poor children and struggling families. That is why I don’t think it is at all sufficient to leave these great social problems to private citizens and organizations. There has to be a greater government operation that works accountably, effectively, and comprehensively.

  2. kameron1 said

    I think that these organizations probably achieved more opportunities than any other effort to aid the poor of 19th century New York. For example, I think that it was an ingenious idea to use trains to send the poor children out of the city and into the country. In the country some slum children were probably able to sustain some sort of modest existence, although not all were able to live a better life.

    I disagree with the notion that government should step in a assist the poor of the country. Private Organizations have the emphasis of foucusing on the betterment of the child, whereas the government has their own problems to deal with. Private citizens should be able to assist the poor where the poor can not do it themselves.

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