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Murder In Mississippi – The assassination of Medgar Evers

Posted by mcelynrh on March 31, 2009


One Response to “Murder In Mississippi – The assassination of Medgar Evers”

  1. dmcneal347 said

    Its amazing how much effort the police, citizens counsel and the sovereignty commission put forth just to stop black children from learning with white children. With these efforts came the exact opposite, becuase the resistance and brutal beatings were video taped president Kennedy had to step in. At this time in history, the cold war was brewing and president Kennedy needed to make as many friends in seperate countries as possible. The only problem was that video tapes like these were being shown by the soviet union to other countries, showing them exactly how America treated other ethnicities.

    now, what i wonder is if video wasnt around at this time, would the civil rights movements been as effective?

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