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Letter from John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 15 March 1902

Posted by mcelynrh on April 19, 2009

Morgan Hotel,

Des Moines, Ia.,

March 15, 1902.

Mother Mary Jones,

Montgomery, W. Va:

Dear Mother:-

Acknowledging your favor of the 7th instant, which has just reached me at Des Moines, I desire to express my gratification at the progress you are making, and my approval of the methods which you and the other organizers in that field are pursuing.

Bye the way, both you and I are being urged to attend the first of April celebration at Streator, Illinois. I whish you would arrange to go there, and if it is possible for me to complete our business in the anthracite field I shall be there also; however, the chances of my attending are problematical. There will be an immense meeting, and much good will result therefrom. Please write me at the office acknowledging the receipt of this letter and letting me know if you can comply with this request.

Trusting that you will excuse this brief reply, as I am leaving to-night for the anthracite field, I am, with best wishes,

Yours truly,

President U.M.W. of A.



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