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Letter from John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 25 June 1902

Posted by mcelynrh on April 19, 2009

Hotel Hart

Wilkes Barre, Pa.,

June 25, 1902.

Mother Mary Jones,

Parkersburg, W. Va.

Dear Mother:-

Your letter dated June 23rd is just received and read carefully.

Replying, it is a source of much regret to learn of the actions of some of those who should give the cause for which we are struggling their very best effort, and be willing to make any sacrifice in the interest of our cause. However, the time will come when those who take pleasure in our reverses will be called upon to give an acccunting of their actions.

I regret, more than it is possible for me to express, that I cannot be with you in West Virginia. My own time, from early morning until late at night, is consumed by my duties here; and it is absolutely impossible to absent myself even for one day. I trust that you and other organizers will be acquitted by Judge Jackson, although we can expect little justice and no mercy from him; at least, he has the reputation of being bitterly opposed to the organizations of labor. If you are convicted I shall carry the matter to President Roosevelt and ask him to issue pardons.

I am, with love and best wishes,

Yours truly,

President U.M.W. of A.



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