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Letter from Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 8 November 1902

Posted by mcelynrh on April 19, 2009

Hotel Montgomery

The only hotel in the Center of the Kanawha Valley Coal Field.
A. R. Agner Proprietor.

Montgomery, W. Va., Nov the 8th 1902

My dear Comrade Mitchell

The paper I mailed you last night I learned that coppy of it was Served on C. D. Wright. and that on the 14th they are going before the Comisoin. it is the work of the A. P. A. it was their constitutional layer who handed this to the party from whom I took it their is Some underhand work being done So watch.

Mail that back to me for I promised to returne It when I read it. if I could

[Pg 2]


remained in Washington a few days I could perhaps got in it the move that old woman from Chicago was not far off She heard Something for when I linked her tale with Something I heard in Washington

I am lead to think that they doing Some dirt.

Good bye

God bless you




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