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Letter from Mother Jones to John Mitchell, [September] 1902?, Undated

Posted by mcelynrh on April 19, 2009

Montgomery West Virginia

Dear Comrade Mitchell

I have just been informed that the Coperton local have Sent out letters to other locals asking them to assess themselves So much a month So as to put a local organizer in field here

This is a diplomatic move of the companies they will name the man and the poor Devils Pay him, In that way they will have their work well covered removed from all Shadows of Suspicion I have not Said aword to stop it as I feared by so doing they might Suspicion we were on to the trick.

My Suggestion would be that you reserve the right to appoint the organizers for this field

[pg 2]

This in my oppinion is a Very Schrewed move of the companies. and of those who would Sell their children for a Mess of Potage you know we are going to have many Judeses. I have meetings galore for the next two weeks I am making good use of this phonograph I play all kinds cornie [comic?] Piecs and get the Crowed up and in good humor the Co laugh at how they got tricked.

watch my Sugestion




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