RCC Honors History Project

Airline Reservationist

Posted by chad612 on May 4, 2009

Beryl Simpson, the subject listed in the Working table of contents as an “airline reservationist” had actually quit that job in disgust and at the time of her interview was an “employment counselor”. Knowing how disgruntled employment counselors are these days, airline reservationist must have been horrible. Fortunately for Beryl Simpson, this looks like another job that is becoming obsolete-for the airlines anyway. Most reservationist jobs I found online are for travel agencies. Online sites like Expedia and Travelocity seem to have stolen a lot of positions from the smaller agencies.

I thought I found two positions for “Airline Reservationists”, but it was the same job listed on two sites (Fuzelink and Yourfindit): “A major airline for the United States is seeking Airline Reservationists by way of telecommute. The primary duties will be accepting telephone calls made to the reservation line, and processing ticket reservations online into our system. We will provide the Reservationists with access to our flight schedule programs in order to check availability and prices. We will provide full training at our expense. We seek those who have previous experience in customer service, have a professional telephone etiquette, and is proficient in learning new computer programs. We will pay by the hour for these positions. Please access these job openings at our Outplacement Agency’s website at: http://onlinejobstoday.org


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