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Young Models and Plastic Surgery: A Fast Approaching Trend

Posted by mcelynrh on May 13, 2009

On Monday, May 11, 2009’s episode on Entertainment Tonight (ET) an interesting issue was presented. To introduce the issue the female hostess of the show, Mary Hart, stated that you’d never think that models would get plastic surgery. Upon hearing that I immediately disagreed. I actually thought that they would be some of the more frequent customers to Dr. 90210 due to the demand they have on the modeling industry now.

Here is an excerpt I found from ET’s website:

“In the latest beauty trend to hit the modeling world, even young models are undergoing anti-aging procedures. ‘ The younger you look — fresher — that’s what they want,” one model named Stephanie told ET of the extreme lengths the women in her industry are going to. Stephanie visited the doctor’s office for a laser facial, while other young women are getting lip enhancement procedures and beyond!'”

You can view the excerpt of that episode here:



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