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Hairstylist, clients forced to clip spending

Posted by mcelynrh on May 20, 2009

April 26, 2009 from The Journal News

Yonkers hairstylist Laura Moody used to make $800 to $1,000 a week but, because of the recession, she’s now lucky if she makes $250.

“It slowed my business to pretty much half,” said Moody, who works at Dayanira Beauty Salon. “I’m clipping coupons like crazy these days. Things you didn’t appreciate before, you appreciate now.”

Everyone at the salon has their own clients. There’s a braider, two barbers, a stylist and an ethnic stylist. Moody, who has worked in Yonkers for 14 years, said she and others have cut back on the supplies they buy. She’s also seeking a cheaper apartment.

“I speak to people all day at my job,” she said. “They can’t afford food. And Christmas, that was like the worst Christmas in history.”

She knows some who have lost their apartments, including some of her clients.

“One woman today said she’s moving to Denver because she can’t afford to be here anymore,” she said.

Moody expressed concern over how local job losses will affect other businesses, especially Empire City Casino.

“We have this big beautiful casino, and nobody has money to go,” she said. “You can’t even go to hear the band.”

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