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Posted by mcelynrh on May 20, 2009

It’s a time for great faith
To find your spirit an your strength
2009 will be tough for us all
Our household finances will be tight
We are going to have to change the way we live
Deciding what is necessary
Realizing what is truly important
For too long so many cared about the wrong things
But we have been on track in the Happy Housewives Club

For the past two years we have led the way to:

Pride in the home,
Pride in the traditional family,
Pride in the role of wife and homemaker

Join us

It’s a return to homemade meals, potluck dinners, cutting coupons, sewing clothes, scrubbing your floors, baking cookies, saying Grace, playing board games, passing hand-hand-me downs, cutting coupons, using leftovers, visiting Grandpa, grilled cheese and tomato soup, sweet words, and big hugs.

From millionaire to working class, this recession is hitting every household. And in the homes its the wife who will decide where and how to cut back.

We have everything you need

Our Housewives have all the tips you need to

Balance your budget »
Stay stress free »
Stretch your dollar at the grocery store »
Find the best sale »
Get organized »
Have more fun with your children »
Spice up date night »
Get healthy and fit »

And it’s all for free..

Take control of your health and your body now!

Join our Fitness Boot Camp »

Be proud to be a Happy Housewife!

Please remember to help our military families this season! Send a care package to a troop or adopt a military family!

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Brought to you from the National Pork Board

Let’s cook some of the old fashioned meals of yesteryear: Baked ham with pineapple, pork chops and apple sauce. Look for all of our retro pork recipes.


Also this month…

Mom Olympics

You can join the challenge:
Do you think you’re the busiest mom?
Do you have the smartest kid?

Compete Now! »


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this week

Yellow ribbons are not only a way to show support of troops, but are a part of American history. Renee tells you all about this time honored tradition.

Have you started on the Fall 50 Fun List? Don’t forget to take pictures and send them to Nina, so we can all enjoy this season together!

Dawn shares pictures of Darla’s house with you from her recent trip. See how the Happy Housewife herself decorates her home!

Are you in need of extra cash? Nina challenges you this week to take action and brainstorm for ways to bring in the bucks.

Organizing your food can cut down on costs. Dina encourages you to use what you have and organize so you waste nothing.

What’s haute in fashion this fall? Tiffany shows you how simple things like a belt, shoes and the right makeup, can make an outfit!

Detoxing for your health doesn’t need expensive drink mixes or fasting for days on end. Jia shows how you can detox for free!

It’s National Eat Together Week so get your family sitting at the dinner table! Robyn can help you take care of the menu!


Don’t be a desperate housewife!
Become a Happy Housewife!



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