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Original El País newspaper article

Posted by amissi on May 30, 2009

Original El País newspaper article, issue June 22, 1911, in which Zapata announces his retirement


Translation in english:

The General Zapata goes for Cuernavaca.  It left absolutely contradicted the charges of the enemy newspapers of the Mexican town.  The southern leader Emiliano Zapata that came á this capital one llarnado by the Mister Beam so that was justified of the very serious charges that did certain faithful newspapers á its program of engañer to the public, by scarce fortune, that reads them, returned yesterday á Cuernavaca.

Zapata and the members that compose their Greater State, and that had come with him to Mexico, they did the trip in two magnificent cars, therefore when they arrived at the station the train had parted already and the travelers did not want to be stopped the day of today by considering necessary their presence among the forces that command.

In the station, the General Zapata conversed with several of the people that responded to say good-bye declaring them that if he was affiliated to the revolutionary party he was not guided by the idea of the gain, but by patriotism.  “Of me he cannot be told, he affirmed the General one Zapata, that you be launched me to the fields of battle pushed by the misery, therefore in Cuernavaca I have my lands of work, and a stable, product, not of political bells, but of long anuses of honest work and that produce me the sufficient thing to live with my family comfortably.

The hatred shown toward my by the landed morelenses, me do not I explain it, as be not because snatch to the exploitation that on the part of them they were you kill the laborers that enriched with the fruit of its blood and of its sweat, they will understand that to be certain the accusations that were directed me not hubriera come like I have done it, to present me the Mister Beam.  Now I am going to work in the discharge of the men that helped me, for later withdraw me to the private life and to dedicate me again to the cultivation of my fields, therefore the unique thing that longed for when me laneé to the revolution, was to oust the dictatorial state and this has been obtained.

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