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KMMJ Radio no longer “regional Mexican”, but 163 others are

Posted by chad612 on June 1, 2009

As rapidly as things change in the world of broadcast radio, I wanted to look into what some of the stations mentioned in Translation Nation were doing now:

“…Spanish-language KMMJ, broadcasting live from a park in Grand Island, Nebraska…”

We spent a very long night in Grand Island on our way to California last fall. Henry Fonda was from there but, like us, he got out. KMMJ is now an English-language Christian network and Jacinto Corona is no longer mentioned on their website:


KFTA is still in Spanish, however. According to the radio-locator website, there are 163 “regional Mexican” stations in the US:


KFTA-AM 970 kHz
Rupert, Idaho
“La Fantastica 970”

Top 3 Most Visited Web Sites of Regional Mexican Stations (via Radio-Locator):
1. KLNO 94.1 FM Fort Worth, TX Listen!
2. KNAI 88.3 FM Phoenix, AZ Listen!
3. KBOC 98.3 FM Bridgeport, TX
Top 3 Most Listened To Regional Mexican Stations (via Radio-Locator):
1. KNAI 88.3 FM Phoenix, AZ Listen!
2. WQBU 92.7 FM Garden City, NY Listen!
3. KLNO 94.1 FM Fort Worth, TX Listen!

Found 163 matching stations (displaying 1 – 20):

Info Info: Click on this icon to get more information about a station or to submit a change.
[BC] Bitcaster: Indicates that the station broadcasts its audio on the Internet.
  Click a city name below to find radio stations near that city.
Info Call Sign Frequency City School Format
  Info KAAT 103.1 FM Oakhurst, CA Regional Mexican
  Info KAEH 100.9 FM Beaumont, CA Regional Mexican
  Info KAJZ 96.3 FM Llano, TX Regional Mexican
  Info KAKS 99.5 FM Huntsville, AR Regional Mexican
  Info KAMZ 103.5 FM Tahoka, TX Regional Mexican
  Info KANR 92.7 FM Belle Plaine, KS Regional Mexican
  Info KBBU 93.9 FM Modesto, CA Regional Mexican
[BC] Info KBBX 97.7 FM Nebraska City, NE Regional Mexican
  Info KBGY 107.5 FM Faribault, MN Regional Mexican
  Info KBOC 98.3 FM Bridgeport, TX Regional Mexican
  Info KBZO 1460 AM Lubbock, TX Regional Mexican
  Info KCMT 102.1 FM Oro Valley, AZ Regional Mexican
  Info KDCE 950 AM Espanola, NM Regional Mexican
  Info KDLD 103.1 FM Santa Monica, CA Regional Mexican
  Info KDLE 103.1 FM Newport Beach, CA Regional Mexican
  Info KDYK 1020 AM Union Gap, WA Regional Mexican
  Info KDYM 1230 AM Sunnyside, WA Regional Mexican
  Info KEBT 96.9 FM Lost Hills, CA Regional Mexican
  Info KEVT 1210 AM Sahuarita, AZ Regional Mexican
  Info KFON 1490 AM Austin, TX Regional Mexican

Found 163 matching stations (currently displaying 1 – 20)


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