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Mexico condemns US ‘corruption’

Posted by amissi on June 3, 2009

i was surprised to read this article, just its title was shocking. The president of mexico blames US “for hampering his nation’s efforts to combat violent drug cartels”. One of the interesting qoutes was when the president of mexico said,”that the main cause of Mexico’s drug gang problems was “having the world’s biggest consumer [of drugs] next to us”.


One Response to “Mexico condemns US ‘corruption’”

  1. dmcneal347 said

    this was an interesting article. it sounds like Ciudad Juarez knows something that the U.S. doesnt. If he knows there is curruption within the American system he should speak up to the president and they should work together to weed it out. I think they should be pressuring the guys they have already cuaght, like the 10 mayors. After all thats how they brought down 52 officers from the Special Investigations Unit of the NYPD when they cuaght Frank Lucas.

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