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Mexico/America Border Fence

Posted by kameron1 on June 8, 2009

This is obviously a portrait of Mexican citizens desperately trying to reach the promise land, i.e. America.  I thought that this picture would provide an opportunity for everyone to suggest their opinion(s) as to what this picture means, what it suggests, and how it may effect you.  I thought that this was a poignant picture to spark a discussion on perhaps what the American Dream means to them and how we, American citizens, may view the “Dream”.



Link— http://angrywhitekid.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/displaced_border2_2.jpg


One Response to “Mexico/America Border Fence”

  1. chad612 said

    When was this picture taken? I’ve read that there are not as many people currently trying to get into American because of our current economic problems. I’m sure we still compare favorably with lifestyle in Mexico, but the difference maybe is not so great that it’s worth being separated from family and the danger of getting to America (see photo above). I think that, knowing what I know now, if I could go back a year, I would have second thoughts about coming to California. But I may have been laid off in Minnesota and had to accept a job that wasn’t as good as the one I had, and then I would just be second-guessing what my situation would be in California. So the “American Dream” is not a cradle-to-grave blanket of warmth and wealth, but a moment-to-moment ability to pay for your expenses while only slowly going into debt, with maybe a little extra money to occasionally buy something that you don’t eat, and going to bed at night without having to worry about what will happen next.

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