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Proposition 227

Posted by dmcneal347 on June 8, 2009

Would you vote for it? Proposition 227 was passed on June 2, 1998 with 61% in favor to end bilingual education. Its goal was to teach English as rapidly and as effectively as possible by exposing LEP children to it. I have read articles that said in 2002 the results were huge. And I have read articles from those that oppose it, they say that the numbers are exaggerated and that SAT-9 scores have actually gone down. What do you think?

Article that was for prop 227-

Article against prop 227-

One Response to “Proposition 227”

  1. chad612 said

    Personally, I would have voted against Proposition 227. I’ve only lived in California for nine months, but I’m already concerned about this whole voter ballot initiative system. I have been since the Proposition 8 controversy last fall, but now I suppose everyone is, since the budget crisis is definitely linked to people voting too many times to spend money, and not enough times to generate that money. It doesn’t work to have voters decide when they are going to pay taxes, because you can easily demonstrate that no one will vote for something that openly says “this is going to cost you money,” especially when the initiative that raises taxes doesn’t show what that money is going for. Voting yes on things that cost money without that same vote authorizing a payment plan is irresponsible.

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