RCC Honors History Project

Bringing it all together

Posted by chad612 on June 24, 2009

I don’t know if anyone is still looking at these posts.  I haven’t gotten much of a chance to in the last week, because my grad student girlfriend has been hogging the computer to do her final papers.  But now that the semester is over and we’re not struggling to read hundreds of pages a week, write several papers, etc, for all of our classes (I think that one day soon I might start reading for pleasure again) the content of those books can seep into our brains and affect us. The books we read for this class seem to present a really good background to a lot of what is learned in history classes, where wars are the focus and everything else is only significant in how it was affected by war. None of our six books prominently featured war, just the struggle in getting by at home in the times between the wars. The people in these books were more easy to relate to as a result. I’m more worried about being able to pay my rent than that my apartment will be bombed. I have been helping my girlfriend do weaving presentations for grade school kids in the area as a part of her grant, and since the Terkel interviews I did were both of teachers, I couldn’t help but think how I might answer my own questions in the interview of my life.


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