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Posted by rccaahistory on September 13, 2009

Camilla Townsend’s book seeks to unravel the myths surrounding the relationship between the English settlers and the indigenous people that resided in North America.  What documents can you find that corroborate the evidence that Townsed provides in her book?

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  1. bcoverdell said

    of Virginia, the Somer Iles,
    and New England,
    with the Names
    of the Adventurers,
    and Their Adventures …
    by Captain John Smith


  2. jasonwills said

    I just found this video about pocahontas on youtube! It was posted up on the Wednesday the 15th, origionally aired on Discovery Channel. I just wish I could watch the whole episode.

  3. jasonwills said

    Hmmm, okay, I just learned the hard way that I should really take the time to edit my comments, and it probably helps to read the questions at the top of the page too. Although youtube videos are not considered to be primary documents, “Trading With The Powhatan Indians” is worth more than 6 views!

    This is a link to a website/blog that has a list of historical documents from 1215 to 2001.


    This link is the one on Jamestown by John Smith taken from a book mentioned in Pocahontas and The Powhatan Dilema

  4. jasonwills said

    I am not sure I am doing this right, but thanks for the responses. That is interesting to know about the triangle shape being the best temporary defense strategy, I am glad I asked!
    About the Powhatan video comment, I think that comment was perfect but I am sure there are plenty of things to comment on in this video. I am pretty amused at how John Smith is still as famous today as he was 300 years ago. I like when Smith is described “as slick a showman as he is a talker, and its show time” (3:54), because it gives me a little clue as to how he became so famous. He was known for putting on a good show and being able to tell his stories in a way that captured people’s hearts. In other words a “liar” just like you mentioned lol.
    Now, can we find some good quotes about “slick talkers”? :]

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