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Posted by rccaahistory on September 20, 2009

These are the links to the following sources:


They include: A letter from John Smith, Cortes, citizens of Jamestown, Newport and Pizzaro.


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  1. jasonwills said

    In the letters from Jamestown to England I noticed they all mentioned that thier fort was built in the shape of a triangle, and I started to wonder about the significance of this. Why does almost every letter begin with describing the shape of the fort that was built? What does a triangle have to do with colonizing the New World?

    • sethrd23 said

      That is a strange aspect of the document. I wonder if that reflects a part of the society of the time: That the person receiving the letter would actually be interested in hearing about how the fort is shaped. Perhaps the letter is addressed to someone that has some sort military experience. But it does seem to suggest a focus on the military aspect of the expedition.

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