RCC Honors History Project

Life in Early Virginia

Posted by elsiegonzalez on September 20, 2009

A letter by Sebastian Brandt about life in early Virginia.

“Well beloved good friend Henry Hovener

My comendations remembered, I heartily wish your welfare for God be thanked I am now in good health, but my brother and my wife are dead about a year past. And touching the business that I came hither is nothing yet performed, by reason of my sickness and weakness I was not able to travel up and down the hills and dales of these countries but do now intend every day to walk up and downe the hills for good Mineralls here is both golde silver and copper to be had and therefore I will doe my endeavour by the grace of God to effect what I am able to perform…. It may please the aforesaid Company to send me…two little runletts of wine and vinegar some spice and sugar to comfort us here in our sickness…. And whatsoever this all costeth I will not only w[i]th my most humble service but also w[i]th some good Tobacco, Beaver, and Otterskins and other commodities here to be had recompence the Company for the same.”

URL: http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/documents/documents_p2.cfm?doc=214


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