RCC Honors History Project

A Small acount by Smith

Posted by steel13 on September 29, 2009

Colony: It requires all the bef t parts of Art, Iudgement, Courage, Honefty, Conftancy, Dilligence and Induftrie, to doe but neere well. Some are more proper for one thing then another; and therein are to be imployed: and nothing breedes more confufion then mifplacing and mifimploy- ing men in their vndertakings. Columbus, Cortez, Pitzara, Sofa, Magellanes, and the reft ferued more then a prentifhip to learne how to begin their moft memorable attempts in the We/I Indes: which to the wonder of all ages fuccef- fully they effected, when many hundreds of others farre aboue them in the worlds opinion, beeing inftructed but by relation, came to fhame and confufion in actions of fmall moment, who doubtleffe in other matters, were both wife, difcreet, generous, and couragious. I fay not this to detract any thing from their incomparable merits, but to anfwer thofe queftionleffe queftions that keep vs back from imitating the worthineffe of their braue fpirits that aduanced themfelues from poore Souldiers to great Cap- taines, their pofterity to great Lords, their King to be one of the greateft Potentates on earth, and the fruites of their labours, his greateft glory, power and renowne

Discription of  New England: or, observations and discoveries in the North

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