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John Smith, John Rolfe, Powhattan….

Posted by brttnyala on September 29, 2009

Speech by Powhattan as recorded by John Smith 



Letter of John Rolfe



Letter and other Narratives of Virginia



Journal by early Virginian Settler about first account with indians.


The eighteenth, being fair we sent forth the boat, to sound over a breach, that in our course lay of another point , by us called Gilbert’s Point, who returned us four, five, six, and seven fathoms over. Also, a discovery of divers islands which after proved to be hills and hammocks, distinct within the land. This day there came unto the ship’s side divers canoes, the Indians apparelled as aforesaid, with tobacco and pipes steeled with cooper, skins, artificial strings and other trifles to barter; one had hanging about his neck a plate of rich copper, in length a foot, in breadth half a foot for a breastplate, the ears of all the rest had pendants of copper. Also, one of them had his face painted over, and head stuck with feathers in manner of turkey-cock’s train. These are more timorous than those of the Savage Rock, yet very thievish.


The fact that the Native already had cooper makes it quite plausable that this was not his first run in with Europeans.


Accounts about the state of resources and enterprise in Virginia



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