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Maybe part of the reason to colonize

Posted by steel13 on September 29, 2009

Motivations for English Colonization


Reading 1:

There is no commonwealth at this day in Europe, where in there is not a great store of poor people, and those necessarily to be relieved by the wealthier sort, which otherwise would starve and come to utter confusion. With us the poor is commonly divided into three sorts, so that some are poor by impotencies, as the fatherless child, the aged, the blind and lame, and the diseased person that is judged to be incurable: the second are poor by casualty, as the wounded soldier, the decayed householder, and the sick person visited with grievous and painful diseases: the third consisteth of the thriftless poor, as the rioter that hath consumed all, the vagabond that will abide no where…and finally the rogue and strumpet….

For the first two sorts…which are the true poor in deed, and for whom the word doth bind us to make some daily provision: there is order taken through out every parish in the realm, that weekly collection shall be made for their help and sustentation….The third sort…are often corrected with sharp execution, and the whip of justice abroad….

Some also do grudge at the great increase of people in these days, thinking a necessary brood of cattle far better than a superfluous augmentation of mankind.

William Harrison, 1586

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