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Analysis of Decrees Reguarding Fornication With Slaves

Posted by jwilhelm21 on October 5, 2009

I found the laws pertaining to the “fornication” with African slaves to be a great support to the lecture on monday that detailed many similar laws.  Before we began studying the history of the African slave trade, I had no idea that there were actual laws that forbade white women from “fornicating” with African men.  It’s very interesting to consider that African slaves were initially given the opportunity to earn their freedom.  Seeing actual evidence of their progressive loss of human rights is very interesting.


One Response to “Analysis of Decrees Reguarding Fornication With Slaves”

  1. bcoverdell said

    I hope this post is going to the right place.
    I agree with what Joe said about the progressive loss of slave rights. What I thought was interesting too was the differences between “servant” and “slave”. The Europeans who came over were allowed to come as indentured servants and could at least hope of having their freedom, but the slaves had absolutely no choice. I hadn’t known that it had been such a dramatic and progressive change. The laws about having a black mother making you a slave automatically? Both sexist and racist. high school textbooks sure left that one out.

    – brittany

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