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1599 Peublo Revolt of Acoma

Posted by jas1wills on October 7, 2009

Here are a couple links I found about the pueblo of Acoma. They revolted against the Spanish in 1599, and afterwards every man 25 years and older had his right foot cut off as punishment ordered by Onate for rebelling. The DesertUSA.com article mentions how the tribes united for revenge almost a whole cetury later (1680), gathering up about 17,000 men to fight against the Spanish who had only about 3,000 men. I like the images I got when I read about the 1680 revolt, I  could just see swarms of warriors all painted up, on a war-path of destruction, sparing not an ounce of mercy for their Spanish enemies.



This link from El Paso Community College “Borderlands” project mentions the recent protest against celebrating Spanish conquerors’ arriving in New Mexico by cutting off the right foot of a statue of Don Juan de Onate. The article is entitled “Pueblo Revolt Broought Tiguas South” by Jorge L. Melchor Jr. and Angelica Gutierrez.


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