RCC Honors History Project

The Sin of Slaveholding

Posted by creyes24 on October 12, 2009

I couldn’t help but post this, beause i foudn it just so interesting of when it was written which was in the 1700s.  Its called the Sin of Slaveholding


The most important part i find to be compelling is three rebuttles at the bottom.  Here is a quick expert if you don’t not have the want to read it through:

Objection 1. These blackamoors are of the posterity of Ham, and therefore under the curse of slavery (Gen. 9:25-27).

Answer….If this ever was a commission, how do we know but that it is long since out of date?…But it is possible that by cursory reading this text may have been mistaken….

Objection 2. The Negroes are brought out of a pagan country into places where the Gospel is preached.

Answer. Evil must not be done that good may come of it….

Objection 3. The Africans have wars one with another. Our ships bring lawful captives taken in those wars.

Answer….If they be between town and town, provincial or national, every war is upon one side unjust. An unlawful war can’t make lawful captives. And by receiving, we are in danger to promote and partake in their barbarous cruelties.

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