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Posted by sierralapoint on November 2, 2009

This first link is a transcription of Boston town meeting resolutions, dated September 13, 1768.  It is interesting to watch the progression of colonial opinion of Great Britain and its rule.  By this point, the colonists are clearly already upset with the changing policies.


After the massacre, The Correspondence Committee of the Boston Town Meetings issued this via Samuel Adams.  “The Rights of the Colonists” dated November 20, 1772.


The following is from Paul Revere, a “Memorandum on Events of April 18, 1775.”  It is a different account than that of his midnight ride to the Historical Society of Massachusettes, and the language is a bit more colorful.


As a result of building tensions, representatives met in congress in Philadelphia on July 6, 1775 and issued this Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.


That meeting led to The Olive Branch Petition, an attempt to communicate directly with the King of England, and express the dire need for resolution.  (obviously, it was unsuccessful).



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