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Posted by brttnyala on November 16, 2009



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  1. sethrd23 said

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole Bald Eagle Holding Arrows and Olive Branches things. Mainly because of the whole hypocrisy thing, “how can we be war mongers and peace bringers at the same time? blahblahblah” But also because imagine how cool that coin would be if it were the same thing except a Turkey (Ben Frank’s Idea). If we had gone with the Turkey as our national bird we could have dollar bills with turkeys on the back, holding hand-grenades in their gross shriveled neck-skin and fighting sharks with flaming skull axes that were also double-necked guitars that shot acid. That would be tight.

    • elsiegonzalez said

      LOL. The turkey idea as our national bird doesn’t seem like a bad idea! I mean we already eat the poor things for thanksgiving, It would have been nice to have them as our national bird, just to show them a token of our appreciation for their deliciousness. But then again the bald eagle (probably because I’m so accustomed to it and couldn’t imagine any other thing) seems to fit just right. And the whole hypocrisy issue with war & peace symbols isn’t at all surprising coming from America, we did claim that ‘all men were created equal ‘, yet will still had slavery!

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