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Address to the Colonization Society

Posted by elsiegonzalez on November 17, 2009

Link to the Address William Lloyd Garrison gave on the Fourth of July at the Park Street Church in Boston.

Mentioned on page 23 of 1831: Year of Eclipse



One Response to “Address to the Colonization Society”

  1. sethrd23 said

    Maybe when read aloud this document does not seem so long. But from the way it looks, I’m amazed anyone would sit around to listen to Will go on and on.
    I do find the end of the address very unique. It does not seem that many of these documents which oppose slavery offer much in the way of specific action to take. In the end of the address, Garrison calls on specific parties to take specific actions. This may just be an example of a variety of styles among abolitionist writers, but it does cause me to wonder whether reaching out to readers with a vague sense of urgency was more effective in creating active abolitionists than charging readers with exact instructions. The fact that Garrison is such a well known speaker on the subject of slavery may suggest that his method was the most effective.

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