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Posted by wrmahugu on November 22, 2009

Came across this while reading the chapter “Religion and Politics”

“…Only a revival of religion, many believed, could preserve the nation “from our vast extent of territory, our numerous and increasing population, from diversity of local interests, the power of selfishness and the fury of sectional jealousy and hate…” (Masur 66)

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  1. jas1wills said

    Nice quote Wendy!

    Although I am not a religious person, that is, I do not practice religion the way it is done trditionally, I do understand that God plays an important role in peoples lives. When things are not going well, making life seem hopless, powerless and lonely the spirit of God is alwyas available to give hope, empowerment, and company which helps to see us through our troubles. Freedom of religion allows people to call it what they wish: God, Allah, Jehova, spirits, energy, love etc., but that light dwells inside all humans, and it often appears to be the one thing that saves people from evil that exists in the world. I can understand how so many people believed that reviving religion was the best solution to the country’s problems. As bad as the relationships were between the different races back then it almost seems like a miracle that we are all still here today living the dream that so many of our American ancestors envisioned for future American generations.

  2. sierralapoint said

    hmm, i see both sides here. putting religion aside, it seems like the argument is essentially between federalism and anti-federalism, big government and local government, the union and the confederacy. On the one hand, you want the people to be involved in government,want the various needs of the different regions to be met, and want all citizens to have equal rights and the liberty to enjoy them. On the other hand, all the regions are united in being part of America, the people are its citizens who demand representation, justice and defnse of freedoms, and if they believe that their neighbor’s actions are imposing on their own rights, there will be a righteously indgnant civil feud on your hands, especially if their shared culture has been minimized and a rivalry has begun between them. Often in America, what is freindly capitalistic competition turns into an all out war in which each side feels that their very way of life is being threatened by the other; and this struggle of wills is lose-lose for the greater good of the nation itself.

    So what do you do, Big Brother, when you realize that within the system you’ve established (in which people are xenophobic, ethnocentric, under-esuctated conquerors) everyone is free to challenge their neighbors and even their government? You find god, of course! because god unites people in a feeling of brotherhood: awe-inspiring, ego-humbling devotion. Shared culture, shared belief system, shared holidays and tradition, and BAM! you’ve got youself a nation no longer fractured and causing internal strife. Now, the only problem left is that pesky tenth amendment…

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