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“Walker died in Boston on June 28, 1830, under mysterious circumstances.”

Posted by jas1wills on November 22, 2009


This link takes you to a narrative essay on David Walker’s life. What I think is most interesting is the lack of information surrounding his mysterious death.

2 Responses to ““Walker died in Boston on June 28, 1830, under mysterious circumstances.””

  1. sethrd23 said

    So is “under mysterious circumstances” hinting that he was assassinated? Or did he vanish into a cloud of purple smoke, leaving only a stuffed giraffe and a jar of peanut butter behind? Its strange that the bounty on Walker’s head was 10000 alive but only 1000 dead. If he is dead then there is no way he is going to start any slave revolts. I would switch those two around.

  2. elsiegonzalez said

    It’s funny how the article kind of leaves you hanging with “he died under mysterious circumstances”. I would really like to know what happened to this man, was he murdered? Did he just disappear and no one ever heard of him again? What happened? This is one of the reasons why history is sometimes so annoying, the answers to your questions are lost in the past with no way of ever figuring it out (unless of course we come across a never before seen document that reveals or gives us some clue as to what happened to Walker).

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