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Anti-Masonic Party Platform

Posted by sethrd23 on November 24, 2009

This list of resolves expresses the belifs and goals of the Anti-masonic platform.

Anti-Masonic Party Platform (1831)

Anti-Masonic Party

September 28, 1831

Resolved, That the existence of secret and affiliated societies is hostile to one of the principal defences of liberty,—free discussion,—and can subserve no purpose of utility in a free government.

Resolved, That we, as American citizens, will adopt the counsel given us by the illustrious Washington, “That all combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of the fundamental principle of liberty, and of fatal tendency.”

Resolved, That the organization of the anti-masonic party is founded upon the most satisfactory and undeniable evidence, that the masonic institution is dangerous to the liberties, and subversive of the laws of the country.

Resolved, That where evils of this nature are found existing in a free government, holding, by means of a secret combination, a majority of the civil, judicial, and military offices in the country, there are but two modes of redressing the grievance—either by revolution, or by an appeal to the ballot boxes.

Resolved, That the anti-masonic party, in choosing the latter remedy, have taken up the peaceful and legitimate weapons of freemen, and that they ought never to lay them down in this cause, until the liberty of the press, the liberty of speech, equal rights, and an entire overthrow of masonic usurpations, are fully and completely achieved.

Resolved, That the direct object of freemasonry is to benefit the few, at the expense of the many, by creating a privileged class, in the midst of a community entitled to enjoy equal rights and privileges.

Resolved, That we esteem it the plain duty of the members of that institution, as citizens of our common country, either collectively to abolish it, or individually to abandon it.

Resolved, That we have witnessed with pleasure, the efforts on the part of some of the masonic fraternity to produce a voluntary abandonment of the order. While we regard these efforts as the manifestation of homage to public opinion, we should rejoice. in their success, inasmuch as it would produce a more speedy accomplishment of the great object which the anti-masonic party, with singleness of purpose, are striving to effect.

Resolved, That discussion, persuasion, and argument, in connection with the exercise of the right of suffrage, is a correct and speedy mode of diffusing information upon the subject of freemasonry, and is the best method to ensure the entire destruction of the institution.

Resolved, That the oaths and obligations imposed upon persons when admitted into masonic lodges and chapters, deserve the unqualified reprobation and abhorrence of every Christian, and every friend of morality and justice.

Resolved, That these oaths, being illegally administered, and designed to subserve fraudulent purposes, ought not to be regarded as binding in conscience, morality, or honor; but the higher obligations of religion and civil society require them to be explicitly renounced by every good citizen.

Resolved, That the gigantic conspiracy in New York, against the life of William Morgan, was the natural result of the oaths and obligations of masonry, understood and acted upon according to their plain and obvious meaning.

Resolved, That there is sufficient proof that the perpetrators of the abduction and murder of William Morgan, have, in several instances, been shielded from the punishment due to their crimes, by the Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter of New York, and by subordinate lodges and chapters, according to their masonic obligations, whereby those lodges and chapters have countenanced those outrages, and become accomplices in their guilt.

Resolved, That those masons who became acquainted with and concealed the facts relative to the abduction of Capt. William Morgan, are accessary to that horrid transaction.

Resolved, That, in applying the right of suffrage to effect the suppression of freemasonry, we not only exercise a right which is unalienably secured to us, but discharge a duty of the highest obligation, in thus endeavoring to abate a great political evil.

Resolved, That there can be no proscription, where every freeman has a right—and exercises that right—to vote for the candidate of his own choice.

Resolved, That anti-masonry has for its object the destruction of freemasonry; for its means, public opinion, manifested through the exercise of the elective franchise; that it acts upon the great principles of liberty, which made us a free people, and relies upon them to ensure the attainment of its high purpose.

Resolved, That an actual adherence, by freemasons, to the principles contained in the obligations of the order, is inconsistent with paramount duties, which they owe to the state, and is a disqualification for offices of public trust.

Resolved, That we find, in the unexampled growth of the anti-masonic party, the diffusion and prevalence of its principles, the continued approbation bestowed upon them by the enlightened and wise men of the nation, abundant cause for encouragement, and perseverance with increased zeal and unabated determination, until the institution of freemasonry shall be overthrown or abandoned.

2 Responses to “Anti-Masonic Party Platform”

  1. jas1wills said

    This is awesome!
    The whole secret society conspiracy theory has me hooked! And its all Dan Brown’s fault! I just happened to stumble upon Angels and Demons around the time Davinci Code blew up. So I naturally read Davinci code and saw the movie too. I couldnt wait for Angels and Demons to come out and I saw the movie the day it released. Ever since then I can’t help but try and find out what is true and what is just theory when it comes to secret societies.I find it wildly entertaining to learn about other peoples theories about how theres a secret government that has all the power and control over the world and directly influences everything from economies to wars. Its just good to say skeptical because both sides claim to be “enlightened” and only concerned with making life better for society, but both sides (anti-masons and masons) have dark and scary details when their actions are compared to what they say they do. “what people say, what people do, and what people say they do are entirely different things”–Margaret Mead …I just hope and pray that this alleged secret agenda of global domination through establishing the “New World Order” really is for world peace and that they are NOT alien hybrid shapeshifting reptiles who worship satan! AHHH! lol Yes, people are crazy and very creative when it comes to theories about conspiracies, I think that is why I like them so much!

    • sethrd23 said

      I have never read any of the Dan Brown novels, I wont read anything by someone with such a plain name: “Dan Brown”: not very exotic. I think that all this conspiracy hype (whether it is 9/11, JFK assassination, or any other wild theory) just shows how willing people are to accept a way of thinking without sufficient evidence. This could have some political implications as anyone who is willing to believe some of the theories presented by 9/11 “truthers” may be willing to believe the promises and motives of any politician or world leader, without any demand for proof or reason.

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