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Happy Indigenous Genocide Day

Posted by jas1wills on November 27, 2009


This is a link to an exerpt from a Book by Ward Churchill called Indians Are Us. I’m not sure if  this book or it’s author is mentioned in Manifest Destiny because I still havent got it yet but the exerpt does a nice comparison of the indigenous genocides in America and the  genocide that took place in  Germany under Hitler’s rule. If you’ve read the first 2 chapters already and are willing to let me borrow you’re book hit me on: www.facebook.com/spacenjason or www.twitter.com/spacenjason

Have A Great Holiday Everyone! It is most definitely, without a doubt, important to be thankful for the blesings we have  in life, but I also feel that it is equally important to be aware of the true history of the traditions celebrated in America in order to better understand our present surroundings.

“As we “practice love” and strive for this blissful state of grace let’s atleast be thankful for the sacrifices of all living creatures..” –Russel Simmons

I think he meant the turkeys, but I interpret it here for Indigenous people to be included under the “all living creatures” category. I know it might be hard to imagine being thankful for  genocide, but the sacrifices that indigenous and black people went through in history greatly influense the present circumstances. And although I might not be extremely wealthy, I am still far from being dead broke and suffering.  America, with all her negative histories, has far more good stuff that comes from it that heavily outweighs all the bad stuff. So why do we spend time focusing on it and studying it? To understand. To be aware of what is going on around us today and why it is happening. To bring balance to the otherwise blissful existence that is experienced as a free citizen of the United States. So for all the sacrifices that Native Americans and Black Americans before me have suffered and endured …I am thankful, I salute you and I raise a toast to your memory and struggles.

— Jason

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  2. sethrd23 said

    Ward Churchill’s use of the Third Reich in comparison to the treatment of the indigenous people of North America seems pretty effective in setting up his whole point about their extermination. I found one point especially interesting: he mentions that the idea that many of the indigenous people were “wiped out” by disease is slightly misleading. This sort of caused me to cock my head, since Hist-6 has given me the impression that many of the natives were wiped out by disease.

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