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Benjamin Franklin

Posted by brttnyala on December 3, 2009

Benjamin Franklin 1784



2 Responses to “Benjamin Franklin”

  1. sethrd23 said

    It is a pretty direct point Ben Franklin seems to make when he discusses how people in his community deal with Natives who arrive in their towns versus people in the native communities dealing with strangers. He seems to paint the “rude” tendencies of the people of his community directly against the extremely accommodating practices of the natives in order to show the possibility for his community to be savage.

  2. nreid35 said

    I agree with what Seth said. Also, I found even the first line of this document says everything:

    “Savages we call them, because their manners differ from ours, which we think the perfection of civility; they think the same of theirs.”

    This line epitomizes what we talked about many times in class about how the colonists who came to America thought themselves to be better than the natives peoples in every way possible. Of course this is completely untrue, and, like Seth said, Franklin’s own community could be considered just as “savage” and the natives. In fact, just from reading texts like Pocahontas, it is clear that the natives were very well off and intellectually ahead of what the colonists thought they were. They had really structured societies and politics, probably even more so than the colonists. This can add to why America today is so crazy, because the natives had their society set on a solid foundation and the colonists came in and things have been more corrupt ever since.

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