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Mexican-American War

Posted by sierralapoint on December 3, 2009

In reading some of the documents from the Mexican-American war, it seems that a majority of Americans had, by this point, already moved beyond their “we don’t know any better” attitudes to a more arrogant “well you should really know better than to mess with us” attitude.  I mean, honestly.

So, it’s like this: mexico invites americans into Tejas (Texas) to live and work this land, so long as they still recognize that they are still on Mexican territory.  Americans come.  They rebel.  They claim their independence and establish a government and demand to be recognized as a sovereign nation.  The Mexican government is like, “Are you kidding? You’re a bunch of punks.  That’s our land!”

Meanwhile, the Texians have been recognized as independent by Britain and France, and are trying to convince the US to annex them and make them a state, which they eventually do by the end of 1845.  The Mexican government had already warned the US that if they accepted Texas, it would mean war, but in true American fashion, we blew them off as not a real threat.

So Mexico is pissed because Tejas still really belonged to them, and America of course has already sent troops to defend their new state.  Texians claim that their land extends to the Rio Grande, and the US supports them.  But this is even more problematic because now those pesky rebels are trying to claim even more land than they had to begin with! (Tejas had been bordered by the Neuces River, not the Rio Grande, a difference of about 150 square miles.  Texians cited the Treaties of Velasco, a document never recognized by the Mexican government to begin with.)

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  1. amrich said

    you know what’s even worse is that the first battle of the mexican-american war was fought on Mexican soil (not Texas.. that’s beside the point) when a cavalry unit was ‘Patrolling” into mexico proper and was ambushed by Federalis. President Polk doctored reports of the incident to make it look like the Mexicans were the aggressors, and Congress went to war three or four days later. first texas, then the phillipines. at least the texans wanted us ther…..nevermind, they were our people anyways. FAIL.

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