RCC Honors History Project

Treaties. America isn’t greedy… right?

Posted by laurabrady91 on December 29, 2009

After seeing all of these treaties (take for example the treaty with China, the treaty with Hawaii, the treaty with the Cherokee, the treaty with the French Republic, etc.) I’m really starting to see that while America was quite greedy, they were also quite smart. While it is easy to insult the things America does, it is quite amazing how far the country has gone and that even though it is such a young country, it is already a world power! The country was founded on greed and the tradition has definitely carried on through the corporations and government that call this country home. Other countries look at America and hold contempt for the people they view as “Americans.” I’m just wondering if perhaps America tried to conquer too much too soon. With the economy quickly spiraling downward and the country desperately trying to hold on to it’s power, it brings a question into my mind, how would this country be different if it hadn’t become a world power so early?

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